A Geometric Archipelago: Contemporary Lisbon

Seen from the Tagus river, the urban panorama of old Lisbon set across a number of hilltops holds some gems of contemporary architecture. The city is inventing its future here. Buildings with subtle lines and elegant curves stretch out like a rosary along the river, from the Vasco da Gama bridge to the end point of Belém and then the ocean. T


MINIMAL LISBON Pushing back the horizon Built the Future Play with the lines


  Between the monumental nature of its palaces and historical sites, and the need to reinvent itself and project itself forward into the future, Vienna is multifaceted. If order dominates, it invents disorder. If history is necessary, it creates lines of disruption. If tradition is too strong, it counters with a wind of freedom, amongst…

Escape from the Outside World in the Majorelle Garden

MARRAKECH, 2018 Between source of inspiration, a longing for elsewhere, or the search for fulfillment, the Majorelle Garden suggests the possibility of a perfect world. This enclosed space evokes to a certain degree the Garden of Eden as represented by the Flemish Primitives of the 15th century. Nature subtly meets the desire of man when…

Archilovers | Our selection of the best Instagram accounts

If you follow us on Instagram, you noticed that we take a lot of architecture photographies. Here is a selection of our favorite Instagram accounts, where we find inspiration and travel ideas.

Si vous nous suivez sur Instagram, vous aurez remarqué que nous prenons beaucoup de photographies d’architecture. Voici une sélection de nos comptes Instagram préférés, où nous trouvons une source d’inspiration ainsi que des idées de voyage.