Lisbon out of kilter capital

In the maze of Lisbon, street art finds a natural playground and contributes to the highly-distinctive atmosphere of the city.


Above all, Prague is a whole collection of urban mythologies, in which resonates a certain European spirit. From the idea of Mitteleuropa to political and literary dissent, Prague is a symbol that has become a magnet for tourists.


  Between the monumental nature of its palaces and historical sites, and the need to reinvent itself and project itself forward into the future, Vienna is multifaceted. If order dominates, it invents disorder. If history is necessary, it creates lines of disruption. If tradition is too strong, it counters with a wind of freedom, amongst…

10 surprising reasons to visit Rotterdam in 2017

Rotterdam is surrounded by large arterial roads that cross the city from one side to the other and wide canals that constantly greet the eye, and it opens onto an immense port that handles millions of containers from all over the world. However, Rotterdam also offers some very distinctive, unusual urban gems. If the port represents one end of the scale, the other is the mixture of an inspired, elegant skyline and redeveloped, renovated industrial buildings.

Bourj Hammoud : Dreaming of Armenia

Bourj Hammoud is a kind of coruscation, a quixotic conflation that superimposes strata of reality and emotions. It is a finite place that has no end, because its identity is composite, volatile and sometimes illusory.

Why you should discover Beirut, the intercultural capital of Lebanon

Beyrouth possède une musique particulière et sensible. Tout à la fois ouverte, sectaire, cosmopolite, standardisée, partisane, dévote et bling-bling, la ville est en devenir et son futur peut se réinventer au-delà des frontières qui la cadenassent. La ville est aussi un entre-deux temporel ou autrement dit à un tournant de son histoire.